It has been less than a month since has released my new project titled "Adem Redzovic's Basically Escaping Side Mount" and I have been getting OUTSTANDING feedback from people around the world who have benefited from the material! As a teacher there is no better feeling than knowing that your lessons are having a positive impact on someones journey. 

Being stuck on the bottom of side mount can be a nightmare!  In this project I discuss the importance and priority we must give to your defensive posture or what I like to refer to as our "Shield". When you are stuck on the bottom of side control you obviously want to escape but you have to make sure you don't make the already disadvantageous position even WORSE by letting your opponent settle their weight and establish what I like to call "anchors" on you. I also cover a series of high percentage escapes that can be used in all formats (gi+nogi+mma).  

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If you want to upgrade your side mount escape ability I HIGHLY recommend studying this content. Here's a link where you can find the full version :