I had a BLAST in Southern California last week! I started my trip in San Diego where I taught my “Open Guard Translated” seminar at Clark Gracie’s academy in Old Town. To be hosted by Clark Gracie, Ralston Gracie and Brandon Magana was an honor. These guys are studs with an amazing lineage, and track record of success. The feedback was amazing and I plan to keep moving forward with this material by releasing more video footage on this subject soon! VERY SOON!

The following day I had the opportunity of training in both the morning and evening training sessions at Clark's academy. Because of the Mundials (world championships) there was a ton of athletes from around the world training at Clark’s place. I had the opportunity to train with people from Brazil, France, UK and Mexico. 

Clark’s academy in Old Town is less than a year old but is quickly becoming one of the top academies in the U.S. Very clean, beautiful facility and world class training partners. If you ever swing through San Diego make sure to stop in and visit, make sure to give them a hug from me!

After a few days in San Diego I drove up to Los Angeles where I was planning to visit old friends and catch some matches from the Mundials. There I had an opportunity to have dinner with the man himself, Rigan Machado. For me, sometimes I feel that I learn just as much if not more off the mats having a conversation with a guru like Rigan than I could have on the mats practicing techniques. 

For those of you who dont know, Rigan Machado was arguably the most dominant grappler of his time. I remember watching a match of his versus “Roleta” who is considered to be one of, if not the greatest guard players of all time. In this match Rigan passes his guard immediately with a look on his face like “Im bored”. It was an honor to sit and hear Rigans stories of the past. I am grateful for that. 

Also BIG SHOUT OUT to all my friends that challenged themselves and competed that weekend at the Mundials (Jon Tutaj, Brick Welch, Veronica Galindo and Perez Figueroa) as well as Dayan Henson from FIVE grappling and Stuart Cooper from Stuart Cooper films. I had the opportunity to spend time with Dayan and Stuart in Hollywood. Five Grappling is doing things outside the industry norm as far as grappling tournaments go. Dayan is putting quality before quantity. Adding Stuart Cooper as FIVE grappling videographer is really cool too. FIVE will have the Illinois Championships this month, goto www.Fivegrappling.com for more info.

I cant forget to thank my guy Dr.Peter Goldman who also adjusted me while I was out there. Dr. Pete is the MAN. Some of his patients include Rickson Gracie, BJ Penn, Bas Rutten, Eddie Bravo etc.  Check out SFGoldman.com for more info. 



If your a school owner who is interested in hosting a “Open Guard Translated” workshop hit me up on facebook @ www.Facebook.com/AdemRedzovic