I had an amazing time traveling to San Francisco to hang out with old friends, train jiu jitsu, and teach my "Open Guard Translated" concepts seminar at Tareq Azim's world renown "Empower Gym".


My trip began with hanging out with my good friend Dr. Peter Goldman. I also had an opportunity to get a tune up from Dr. Pete. About 7 years ago or so, I sought out Dr. Pete because of a back injury that would not heal properly. After traveling from Chicago to San Francisco to be treated by Dr.Pete over 7 years ago I can say it was one of the best decisions I have made. Thanks in large part to Dr. Pete, my back injury is a thing of the past and Dr. Pete has become a great friend of mine. For more info on Dr. Pete check out www.sfgoldman.com Check out this video on Dr. Pete ; 

During my trip I also had an opportunity to have dinner and train with my good friend Denny Prokopos. Denny is a no gi world champion and was the first black belt under Eddie Bravo. Denny also runs the 10th Planet academy in San Francisco (www.10thplanetjiujitsusf.com) We had a great training session together, check out this video on the "Electric chair sweep" ... 

EMPOWER GYM! My trip was filled with great moments, teaching the Open Guard Translated seminar at Empower Gym was the one of the best. Tareq Azim, the owner and head coach at Empower gym is someone I draw inspiration from as a martial arts instructor. It was an honor to have black belts Peter Goldman, Rodrigo Resende and Rhalan Gracie, son of the legendary Relson Gracie in attendance. The students at Empower gym have a great opportunity with learning from Rhalan, Tareq and the Empower crew on a daily basis. For more info on Empower check out: www.empower-gym.com